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My name is Jeff Larson. I have had the pleasure of providing in home guitar lessons for residents of south jersey towns like Medford, Mt. Laurel, Tabernacle, Medford Lakes, Marlton, Southampton, Indian mills, Shamong and Atco for 22 years.  

In addition to being a guitar teacher.  I am a published recording artist. I have two solo albums in distribution and have performed on other artists releases. I have also performed and composed music for film. I have played in a number of original and cover bands performing across south jersey, central NJ, north NJ and into NYC.

In recent years I have added Skype lessons to my schedule. While this format for guitar lessons is relatively new, I have had considerable success with this platform. I encourage students to consider this option as a more convenient and cost effective alternative to traditional guitar lessons. 

In the guitar lesson, all aspects of music theory will be covered including scales and chord construction. I can also provide instruction on reading standard notation.  Technique is particularly crucial to playing the guitar and the proper technique is emphasized along with rhythmic syncopation strategies. 

Of course, everyone wants to know how to play songs.  I teach songs of the student's choosing.  The songs are then dissected and analyzed in terms of theory, technique and composition. I can teach within specific genres such as Rock, and all of it's sub-genres like metal and punk. Also, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Classical and Fingerstyle. 

All guitar lessons are 1 hour except for 9 and 10 year olds who are given a ½ hour option. The 1 hour guitar lesson can be once a week, or once every two weeks. Please contact me at the link below for rate information and availability. Thank you.

The Pefect Guitar Teacher
Written by Eric from Marlton, NJ on Dec 12, 2010
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Jeff's skill level is light years above most
Jeff has been teaching my son the guitar for two years now. While my son has some musical experience he had never had any formal training prior to Jeff teachings. It is truly almost unbelievable how much my son has learned from Jeff. My son's ability to read music, hear music and most of all play music is fantastic. Jeff has opened him up to various styles of playing from strumming and picking to straight finger picking. Jeff does not focus on teaching the easy parts of a song but rather all of the intricate licks that actually bring a song to life. I would highly recommend Jeff Larson. He is a rarity among guitar teachers.
Would you recommend this business to a friend? Yes

Value for money: You get what you pay for
Service & support: The Best
Quality: Better than the best
Overall rating: Excellent

Jeff is an excellent finger style teacher and has helped improve my playing dramatically. Bill O'Neill, Medford, NJ


As a full time guitar teacher, I have taught hundreds of students in south jersey to enjoy and realize their potential on the instrument. Many of my students have gone on to perform in bands, as solo performers, continuing their education on the collegiate level, even becoming a guitar teacher them self. However, I understand that each student has different objectives and goals and some students simply want to play for their own enjoyment or expand their knowledge and appreciation of music.

I have taught absolute beginners to professional performing guitarists in NJ. My methodology is specifically individualized for the student. My approach is determined by the age, goals and learning characteristics of the student.

Check out Jeff's CD/album, LEEDS DEVIL BLUES, available for purchase and digital downloads

Check out Jeff's lastest album release, THE BARRENS, available for purchase and downloads.

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Guitar lessons in South Jersey
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